HIV and Poverty in Canada

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ASO staff will accompany clients to appeals/meetings with public income program administrators

Advocating or lobbying for increased government response to poverty (increased funds, prevent cuts, etc.)

Benefits Counselling
ASO staff counsels clients on private or public income support programs - LTD, CPP(D), EI, etc.

Benefits Workshops
ASO invites public income representatives to speak to clients on public benefits

Community Garden
Clients can grow their own vegetables in a shared garden

Emergency/Support Funds
Emergency funds that do not need to be paid back

Emergency/Support Loans
Emergency loans that need to be paid back

Financial Planning
Workshops or one-on-one support on budgeting and financial planning

Food Bank
Clients can access groceries for free

Grocery Co-op
Clients can purchase groceries for a reduced price

Housing Support
Workshops, one-on-one support, or accompaniment to find housing

Individual Advocacy
Advocacy on behalf of clients to access private or public income support programs

Return to Work Programs
Skills, resume building, computer courses, etc

Support for Filling out Forms
ASO staff will help clients fill out forms when applying for public benefits

Treatment Advocacy
Workshops, one-on-one support to increase access treatment (allopathic and/or complementary)

Workplace Training
Workshops or training to current, former or potential workplaces