HIV and Poverty in Canada

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New! What provincial benefits are you entitled to? The Online Compendium of Provincial Income Support Programs (July 2006)
Search this database to find out what benefits you, your clients or your members may be entitled to.

New! “In my experience...” Clients, advocates and government workers talk about HIV and provincial disability assistance. (July 2006)
CAS consulted with over 74 provincial disability assistance clients, advocates and individuals who worked in provincial disability programs from across the provinces and territories. Includes an Executive Summary and Seven Goals for Provincial Governments. (63 pages)

New! The Canadian AIDS Society Guide to Income Advocacy (July 2006)
A toolkit of resources that individuals and AIDS Service Organizations can use to fight poverty and to advocate for increased income and disability supports. It addresses housing, income, health, food, and more!

New! Why Canada Needs More Research on HIV and Poverty (May 2006)
The Canadian AIDS Society is encouraging HIV researchers to expand their data collection and analysis to include questions addressing HIV and poverty in Canada. Includes suggested research questions and identifies missing information.

Resource Directory - Income Support Programs and Services in Canada
A directory of community-based income support programs and services in Canada. Search by region, type of service, organization and language.

Benefits Counseling Train the Trainer Manual
A "Train the Trainer" manual that outlines how to create and offer a skills-building workshop on benefits counselling. It contains detailed directions and tools on how to choose, invite and train participants, as well as skills-building for staff and volunteers interested in counselling clients on income support benefits.

HIV is Still at Work: Is Your HIV Workplace Policy Up to Date? The Canadian AIDS Society Guide to an HIV Friendly Workplace
This site contains a pamphlet with basic info that can be handed out to employers and employees, and as a series of pages explaining the rights of a person living with HIV/AIDS and the rights of an employer in the workplace. It also contains a guide to building your own HIV in the Workplace Policy.

Background Information and Research
"In Focus" Supplement on Living with HIV (2005)
A special edition newsletter focusing on the economic determinants of health and HIV.

Position Statement – HIV and Poverty (2004)
This is the official position that the Board of Directors have approved for the Canadian AIDS Society. It outlines CAS's philosophy and approach to HIV and poverty issues in Canada.

HIV and Poverty – Information Sheets (2004)
A series of information sheets outlining the relationship between HIV and Poverty in Canada. This is an excellent tool to support funding proposals, training new staff and volunteers, and in developing an awareness of how to look at poverty issues in your community.

Supporting Clients with Income Needs: A Survey of CAS Members (2004)
A survey exploring the ability of CAS members to provide programs responding to the income needs of people living with HIV.

Prioritising Income in HIV Research (2004)
A survey of HIV researchers on the collection of income data.

Policy Related Documents
HIV and Disability Policy: Evaluating the Disability Tax Credit and Medical Expense Tax Credit (2004)
The Canadian AIDS Society prepared a brief for the Technical Advisory Committee on Tax Measures for Persons with Disabilities.

HIV as an Episodic Illness: Revising the CPP(D) Program (2003)
In partnership with the Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation, the Canadian AIDS Society prepared a brief for the House of Commons Sub-Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities, during their review of the CPP(D) program. It contains a list of recommendations for the Sub-Committee to consider.

Historical Documents
These documents are part of the history of our fight against poverty and HIV. While government departments have restructured, funding arrangements have changed, and policies have undergone review since these documents were written, we still seem to be fighting the same battle, and little seems to have changed. Unfortunately, translations have not been found for each of these, as some of them date back more than ten years. If you would like a copy of any of these documents, contact us!

Force for Change: Labour Force Participation for People Living with HIV/AIDS (1999)

Benefits Counselling Issues for People Living with HIV and AIDS who are Considering Entering or Re-entering the Workforce: A Report on Current Work on these Issues. (1998)

Canada Pension Plan Review and PLWHIV/AIDS (est. date 1998)

CPP Reform and Bill C-2: Disinvesting in Disability (1997)

Poverty, Discrimination and HIV/AIDS: Brief Submitted to the Parliamentary Sub-committee on HIV/AIDS (1996)

The Federal Role in Disability Issues: Implications for People Living with HIV/AIDS – A Brief to the Ministerial Task Force on Disability Issues (1996)

CHST, Provincial Governments and Persons with HIV/AIDS (est. date 1996)

Reforming the Medical Expense Tax Credit and Disability Expense Tax Credit: A Brief to the Honourable Paul Martin, MP, Minister of Finance (1996)

Bill C-12 and PLWHIV/AIDS: Act in Respect of Employment Insurance (1996)

HIV/AIDS and Poverty: A Submission to the Honourable Lloyd Axworthy Minister of Human Resources Development (1995)

Witness Presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance Regarding Bill C-75: Budget Implementation Act/CAP (1995)

HIV/AIDS and Income Security: Report to accompany the Bibliography and Literature review (1994)

HIV/AIDS and Income Security: Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography (1994)

HIV/AIDS and Income Security: Annotated Bibliography (1994)