HIV and Poverty in Canada

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NEW! Announcement on new Homelessness Partnering Strategy
Human Resources and Social Development Canada announced $526 million for the new Homelessness Partnering Strategy.

Resource: 2005 Poverty Lines are Available Online
The 2005 Poverty Lines are now available on the Canadian Council on Social Development website.

Report: "Failing the Homeless" report on Barriers to ODSP Access
On Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 Street Health released a report on barriers to
accessing the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) for homeless
people with disabilities. The Failing the Homeless full and summary reports are now available on the Street Health website at:

Please contact Erika Khandor at for more information
or to request a paper copy of the report. (English only)

Resource: Pivot Legal Society Launches Website
Pivot Legal Society is very pleased to announce the launch of its new website, at Pivot’s mandate is to take a strategic approach to social change, using the law to address the root causes that undermine the quality of life of those most on the margins. (English only)

Report: Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults
On May 15, the Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults (MISWAA) launched its final report, Time for a Fair Deal. The report makes it very clear that our income security system is in need of a thorough overhaul, and that this is not simply a problem for low-income adults, but a smouldering crisis that will affect all residents of Canada.

For more information about MISWAA, including papers commissioned by the Task Force and media coverage, please visit (English only)

Resource: Addressing Disparities in Health - New Prevention Resources
Prevention Institute is a non-profit national center dedicated to improving community health and well-being by building momentum for effective primary prevention. This website (based in the United States) contains articles, tools, resources, reports and more. (English only)

Resource: Tools for Activists: CHAMP posts advocacy training materials
The Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP) has created a new line of advocacy campaign tools! We are excited to have these tools on our website and encourage you to download them, check them out, and use them in your campaign work. And pass on this message to anyone else who may be
interested! You can find the tools on the left side of the following web page:

Campaign: NDP launches campaign to end poverty in Canada
OTTAWA – The NDP today launched a national “End Poverty in Canada” campaign vowing to engage Canadians and their politicians to deciding what the fairest way forward is for all Canadians.

FYI: Seed Funding of $4 Million Now Available from CMHC
Through Seed Funding, a successful applicant can receive as much as $ 20,000, including an upfront grant of up to $10,000. As progress is made on the proposal, a repayable interest-free loan of up to $10,000 can also be made available.

Resource: Stats and Facts
Canadian Council on Social Development - A colourful and data-rich new section of the CCSD website, Stats & Facts contains a series of practical, easy-to-use fact sheets profiling demographics, education, and families in Canada. More fact sheets will be released later this year on the subjects of economic security, health and the labour market. Stats & Facts replaces our Free Statistics page.

Resource:Tele-Learning - Session #2: Working for Changes in Income Security Policy
Sherri Torjman outlined a preliminary framework for thinking about community involvement in policy development. The case studies discussed in this session were:
- The AISH Initiative
- Make Tax Time Pay Campaign
- The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) Campaign (English only)

Resource: Report from Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working Age Adults
26 May 2006 - The Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults (MISWAA) identified key issues plaguing low-income Canadians and recognized that there is a special urgency to fix the system in our cities, like Toronto, where the costs of living for low-income adults and families are highest. (English only)

Resource: Disentangling the Web of Women's Poverty and Exclusion
CRIAW, 2006 - This information tool reveals that the issues affecting women's poverty and exclusion are deeply interconnected in creating a web of economic insecurity and marginalization. The lens of intersectional feminist frameworks (IFFs) is crucial in disentangling this web and in brining about social change. Disentangling the web is not enough. Solutions and strategies to achieve social and economic justice must influence policy. This information tool is about making the voices of activists and advocates being at the forefront of the work for social change and women's substantive equality.

Read the report: Disentangling the Web of Women's Poverty and Exclusion (PDF 150KB/16p)

Resource: Support for survival: barriers to income security for people living with HIV/AIDS and directions for reform
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network – Includes discussions of Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits, CPP and QPP disability benefits, and provincial and territorial social assistance.

Don't Ignore UN Committee Recommendations on Human Rights, Canadian NGOs say
Media Release, May 22, 2006 - The Committee was critical of Canadian governments for treating rights such as the right to adequate social assistance or the right to adequate healthcare as "principles and programmatic objectives rather than legal obligations". (English only)

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