HIV and Poverty in Canada

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Resource: Benefits Counselling Train the Trainer Manual
Jim Zamprelli. Canadian AIDS Society, Ottawa: 2004

Do you offer Benefits Counselling or support clients who are applying for or managing their income and health related benefits (public or private)?
Are you interested in receiving more training and partnering with other ASOs that are doing this work?

Then check out this fabulous Train-the-Trainer manual. It's based on in-person workshops that CAS gave to members in 2000. Now you can replicate these workshops in your own community!

This guide has all of the instructions and many tools that you can use to build partnerships and offer a workshop in your region.

It’s great for:

  • Provincial or Regional ASOs that want to provide training opportunities to its members
  • ASOs that have years of expertise and want to share it with other ASOs
  • ASOs that want more training, partnering and mentoring in this field

You can download some of the individual tools in PDF and in Microsoft Word so that you can change and personalize them for your own workshop.

Benefits Counselling Manual En.pdf259 (Kbytes)
Self-assessment En.doc146 (Kbytes)
Self-assessment En.pdf27 (Kbytes)
Tool #11 En.doc39 (Kbytes)
Tool #11 En.pdf17 (Kbytes)
Tool #12 En.doc47 (Kbytes)
Tool #12 En.pdf11 (Kbytes)
Tool #13 En.doc24 (Kbytes)
Tool #13 En.pdf12 (Kbytes)

You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader® to view the PDF files. This software is available to you as a free download from Adobe's web site.